We offer an array of services to ensure you and your family are receiving the best and most personalized care possible. We care about prevention and the overall health and well-being for patients of all ages. We specialize in ADHD, behavioral disorders, developmental and behavioral health, management of chronic conditions, and acute care. Newborn care, Well-child exams, earaches, COVID, Cold & Flu, vaccines, Rashes, Acne, stomach issues, jaundice, sore throat, asthma, autism, and special education needs.

We offer through our integrated medicine new programs on prevention and therapy on the major health care epidemics.

  • ADHD- the role of Allergy in ADHD -Diagnose and therapy
  • PANS – as an immune disease- Diagnosis and therapy.
  • Autism – Pediatric epidemic- our approach
  • Type-2 Diabetes – The role of food allergy and immune in prevention
  • Asthma- treat the cause and not the symptoms.
  • Atopic dermatitis – Nutrition , prevention and more (MyOr)
  • Cognitive changes
  • Longevity and Life style

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